The heady days and – let’s face it – deep tedium of mixtape making are behind us, but I still keep hold of ancient, squeaky cassettes with my mates’ school/uni writing all over them and feel the love.  Ipod shuffling is all well and good but there is always the random, blaring episode of Anna Karenina that the electronics pixies keep replanting in my music.   So, to the point.  Recommended some time ago by the beardy blokes in Uncut (no longer taken – cut-backs, you know, and other reasons – save for a separate rant), downloaded free from the lovely people at When You Awake and thoroughly appreciated, come the Twang series.  If you love your Dylan, Cohen, Byrds, Haggard, Cash, Young, Clark, Hardin et al this is musical nirvana.  Mixtapes of covers, all ready, just for you.  Enjoy.