This stuff is like catnip for me.  As well as the usual Thai dishes and curries, it is a staple herb for the cheap and cheerful leftovers lunch. 

Quick lunch for 2


  • 2 mini baguettes (not a problem if yesterdays)
  • (garlic) olive oil
  • mushrooms (preferably some with flavour!)
  • garlic (as much as you want)
  • cream (I freeze left over cream in ice cube holders – great for sauces and not the faff it sounds)
  • indecent amounts of coriander

Putting together

  • Slowly fry the chopped mushrooms in their own juices
  • Add the garlic and cook gently
  • Brush the cut baguettes with oil and grill
  • Add cream (as much as you want) to the mushrooms
  • Pile the mushrooms on the baguettes, sprinkle liberally with coriander, season with pepper and salt and eat straight away.

Lovely mushy and crispy bits with a lift of coriander. Sigh.  I serve them with sliced tomatoes sprinkled with plenty of pepper and salt and some olive oil and quaff half pint mugs of Vintage English cider from Waitrose.  Off to investigate the fridge…