Budgetary cuts in the makeup department have been creeping up in the past year.  Goodbye Laura Mercier, Dior and ByTerry.  Hello Rimmel, Lilylolo, Body Shop and, gulp, Collection 2000.  As the Queen herself would say – cheaporama.  Clearly it would be better all round if my face could present itself as nature intended but, as the glamourous Spanish makeup lady in SpaceNK clearly stated, you have the big features and the small eyes.  She proceeded to give me the most amazing makeover which illicited choruses of ‘You look well !’ from the Bath posse.  No-one ever says this, so she is a genius and didn’t even make me buy any stuff.  My cheap version of her wizardry includes;

Lilylolo mineral foundation – no more spots and uber quick of a morning

No 7 blemish stick

Bourjois blusher in rose

Body shop eyeshadows and angled brush for eyelid and liner (much less harsh)

Usually Prescriptives mascara but they seem to have left the party for good.  Have just invested in Collection 2000 collagen mascara which was mega-cheap and recommended in Elle.  Since there cannot be any ulterior advertising-type motives behind this I thought I’d give it a go.  I am slightly afraid as they promise 7 times more volume, which means I’ll need a dedicated wheelbarrow for my Irish lashes.  The other contender, Maybelline Great Lash, makes my eyes itchy and sore. 

Maybelline lipstick – very creamy and actually stays put until several hours later – with a bit of lip balm/vaseline

Anyway…as I rootled through the Rimmel lipsticks in the very city I spent my late teenage years, I spotted a shade which took me straight back to pints of cider, the King’s Arms, black and purple tights, big Docs and…as a concession to girliness…Twilight Teaser lippie.  Yes folks, it’s on the shelves, in a chemist near you, bold as brass and £3.99.  This is going to be a tough one to resist.

Hmm.  It’s not on the Rimmel website and the packaging didn’t look like the photo above (our heroine is second on the right).  I am now afraid I’m having a lipstick related deja vu experience of the most teasing (arf) kind.