Lord.  The only trouble with going away is fitting two and a half weeks of work into one on return.  Mental note not to desert exam groups at this stage of the year in future.  We returned without the use of our voices – a strangely useful tool in the teaching world – and the lungs of eighty year olds with a 60 gitane a day habit.  Did not dare retire to our respective boudoirs to be elegantly and quietly ill as wrath of cover teacher too frightening to contemplate.  Cue days of whispered lessons and a great deal of caffeine.

It was an EXPERIENCE not a holiday (my doubting colleagues).  As a fairly seasoned traveller I was nevertheless shaken well out of my comfort zone in ways I had not expected.  Yes, the journey was long and uncomfortable, yes, it was very hot (secret dance of joy here), yes, the mattress was too thin for my lardy arse, but these are never going to be deal breakers.

So what gives ?