Check these out…

Underground – 1995 film about the former Yugoslavia directed by Emir Kusturica.  Laugh out loud funny in the most tragic of situations.  Beautifully and ambitiously filmed over an eighteen month period.  A bit of an endurance test in the middle but well worth pursuing to the end.  Won the Palme d’or that year.

Katalin Varga – 2009 film directed by Peter Strickland in the heart of Romania on a tiny budget over 17 days with local actors.  A year and a half in post production while they scraped around for funds.  A testament to determination.  Not one if you’re after a Mary Poppins-type evening.

Cracks – out earlier this year.  Super, super creepy boarding school tale of a charismatic, manipulative house mistress and her ‘team’ of girls.  Utterly claustrophic and delicately acted.