Everyone and their mother seems to be purchasing bell tents at the moment.  Things of immense loveliness, which allow outdoor living, along with guaranteed waterproofness and enough space for a double blow up bed, rugs, chandelier and my favourite new thing ever; the pipsqueak stove.  Clearly the house is too small and I must have a room outside to pretend to do yoga in (have made it to the last three sessions – virtue).

Regard 4m bell tent

And the finishing touch from Canvas and Cast

The blurb;

An excellent little cast iron stove that has a multitude of applications. For the smaller fireplaces in the home, office /studio, conservatory, workshop, in the garden, on the beach or even in a bell tent, anywhere in fact where space is at a premium. Yet this little stove kicks out the heat. It has multi fuel capabilities and comes with its own integral hearth in addition to companion set and hotplate tool.  The perfect stove for a bell tent as its easily transportable and quick to install. Ideal company for you and a 4m bell tent.

Height 440mm

Width 310mm base, 200mm stove

Depth 380mm base, 180mm stove

Flue size 75mm

Weight 20kg.