Having spent the week in Welcombe, I availed myself of the TV and need no further proof of the joys of iPlayer and lovefilm.

I did however catch the wonderful Silla Carron tackling another seemingly impossible project in The Estate We’re In.  She worked for 12 months on the Wolseley Road Estate in Plymouth which had been beseiged by vandalism and antisocial behaviour to a point where the residents were afraid to leave their flats at night.  She employs a mixture of kicking the residents into touch to reclaim their community while becoming a human horsefly to the councillors responsible for the area.  The Plymouth flats are unrecogniseable now.  Shame about the dodgy footage in the Bristol series.

Been enjoying the new(ish) Mary Queen of Shops.  Mary’s asides to camera are always a joy, but frustrations aside, she  puts incredible energy into re-educating people and helping give back a sense of pride and direction in their businesses.  Never a dry eye in the house by the end… Under the Moon probably the favourite so far for sheer turnaroundiness and the dressing gown wearing son.