Meg Rosoff is one of my top ten writers of all time.  I eke out her books and marvel at her prose.  Not a single redundant word.  She is the queen of the anti-hero.  Here is an excerpt from The Bride’s Farewell.  Pell’s horse has run off with her across the moors.

‘For those poor souls who can only think of the terrible fear and danger of a runaway horse, think of this: a speed like water flowing over stone, a skimming sensation that hovers and dips while the world spins round and the wind drags your skin taut across your bones.  You can close your eyes and lose yourself in the rhythm, because nothing you do or shout or wish for will happen until the running makes up its mind to stop.  So you hold steady, balancing yourself in the wake, and unhook your mind from the everyday while you wait at the silent centre of it all and hope that the feeling won’t stop till you’re good and ready for life to be ordinary once more.

The problem being that she never was.’