Just the ritual queuing in Crebers in Tavistock for rounds of Stilton and Brie left to do.  The bungalow is fully dressed and pressies bought, so time for a bit of reading.

A lover of lists – not the ‘to do’ kind – I got to compiling while perusing my shelves for the next read.  Rosoff’s ‘The Brides Farewell’ was finished off this morning – much dabbing of cheeks and general admiration for the wordsmiths of this world.

In no particular order, favourite authors of all time;

Kazuo Ishiguro – for such beautiful writing on an astoundingly diverse bunch of subjects; not a false note anywhere.

Edith Wharton – non-judgemental observation par excellence.

Tim Winton – breathtaking tales of outsiders; able to evoke the mysteries of Western Australia like no other.

George Elliot – exquisite writing; anything else is like eating a cheap burger after reading one of her books.

Meg Rosoff – risk-taking tales, movingly written; supposedly for the teen market.

Donna Tartt – quality not quantity ?  Discuss.  Third novel due 2012 ?

Douglas Adams – the name Oolon Colluphid still guaranteed to finish me off.

Iris Murdoch – blissfully sharp observations.

Peter Carey – another risk-taker with a wealth of great subject matter.

Dervla Murphy – by her own admission, not the greatest writer who ever walked the Earth, but inspiring and unafraid.

Emile Zola – grippingly dark tales; he tells it like it is; not Mary Poppins.

Edward Gorey – master of macabre.

Richard Feynman – renaissance man.

and of course Oolon Colluphid, whose books include;

  • Where God Went Wrong
  • Some More of God’s Greatest Mistakes
  • Who Is This God Person Anyway?
  • Well That About Wraps It Up for God
  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Guilt But Were Too Ashamed To Ask
  • Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Sex But Have Been Forced To Find Out