Lesson in getting on Lucretia with new big-mother-saddle probably best not conducted in car park of ferry port at 4pm on day 1.  An adrenaline-fuelled few roundabouts and audible heart hammering got us out of Roscoff and we were on the open road (hill, up).  Big roads and big trucks scarey but drivers considerate.  A few dinner plate-eye moments on v large hills on v large roads going at 4mph to their 80.  Hit the Corniche and had a wonderful, scenic, flatish ride into Morlaix.  Hotel people charming and helpful and rooms untouched since the 80s.  20miles down and feeling smug.  Celebrated by instantly breaking no-alcohol rule, indulging in Weissbier and three course meal with wine at Le Viaduc.  Rain forecast.