Mum’s jumper

Things I have learned from jumper no. 3

1.  Have faith in the pattern and do not try you own ‘adjustments’ prematurely.

2. Knit a tension square even if every fibre in your being is screaming to get started on knitting something ‘useful’.

3.  Blocking will not cure curling stocking stitch.

4. I am intelligent enough to knit this jumper but not bright enough to put a ripped stitch back on the needle the right way round.  Twisted stitches have a certain jauntiness n’est pas ?

5. Knitting 300 rows apparently does not make the garment grow at all, despite constant measuring.  The 301st row however will show that you have overshot your target by at least 3cm.

6. I can tolerate David Starkey’s ‘moreovers’ for hours on end of stocking stitch and have a slightly more academic view of history than that learned from Ken Follet and Philippa Gregory.

7.  I will lose my Zen-like demeanour, brought on by the knitting, if Mum makes even the slightest (even constructive) critism of the flawed masterpiece.