Have been whipped firmly on the bottom twice recently by wilful and, some might say slightly arrogant, ignoring of gauge in these last 15 months of life-changing knitty love.  My Escargot hat – thank you Golden Iris for sharing this fun and ingenious knit – would enable Mum to rob a bank in a kind of 20s balaclava-type stylee.  Happily my big head can cope, but it did mean a frantic 12 hour knitathon on Christmas Eve to complete hat mark 2 for Mum to open on the big day.  Second complete disaster was my enormous marled jumper, apparently only fit for someone wider than they are tall.  Note to self – row gauge also crucial.  Anyway the monstrosity took a demoralising half hour to unravel and calculators and the like produced to start again…

The mother of all cloches.  Sadly not for my mother.  Knitted in one of my favourite wools to work with; Malabrigo Rios in lotus and a colour I can’t find anymore.  Would be less enormous in the dk.

DSC_0001 (2)

Lovely black and white wool from Woolbothy – not in jumper form.  Sigh.