My thoughts are with the poor people who are flooded out.  It’s been horrible down here but we are on a hill and only have to contend with Kansas-style flying fence panels.  On the positive side there is no guilt involved in permanent wearing of pyjamas and almost complete lack of exercise (although the gull is not usually sportif)  in the last 10 days.  So…knitting podcasts.  Totally addictive.  So many good ideas.  So many people out there making me feel like the knitty love is normal.

Here is a list so far for perusal and some more links lest I forget. two lasses in Germany talking knitting. about, you’ve guessed it, knitting, drawing, running chatmeister from Canada one of the knitting queens sweet lady with lots of good tips and makes me feel less guilty about my stash for a mentally big list of podcasts in case you decide not sleep til you’re dead.

dog on sheep


Rescue heeler in Oz all tired out.  Via Huffington Post.