Four things;

First ever socks.  Cast on at D’s.  Bit fiddly, colours lovely, slow progress but a good project to cart around back at work.


The lovely Lucy Hat in Malabrigo Arroyo in Chircas and Escorias.  Love those names.  Note cool stitch marker – have been recycling odd earrings on clothing label safety pins.  This one reminds me of happy times hiking (I know!  Hills!) and riding in the States.  Good memories and a cool use.


The woolbothy wool is being used now for my first top-down jumper, calculated within an inch of its life.  Based on this sweater – thank you The Running Yarn.  I’ll add a ribbed neckline in Cascade 220 heather green at the end.  The idea is that it will look like this one from Toast but cost under twenty quid.  Hmm.  We will not factor in my hourly rate.

toast sweater

Finally, adding an extension to one of my first ever jumpers in Rowan Kid Classic, since nobody wants to see anyone’s belly at this age.