It’s been a frustrating knitting week of ripping projects and knitting on my interminably big, long, tiny stitched, first ever sock.  D, I am not currently speaking to you. You remain unaware of  this, but I am sending squinty eyes Bathwards.  Next time, chunky wool and 6mm needles for my man hands…

But some finished objects and definitely fun knits.

Jumper adapted from a free Lopi pattern on their website – two strands of Lopi on 12mm (instant gratification) needles.  Bottom up construction, but my first yoke, attach sleeves and knit in a massive round-type project.  Also first knit with wool held double.  Some pleasing randomness with the blue/green stripe.  This is warmer than a warm thing.

Neon seaweed jumper inspired by the crazy weedy rocks this summer at Welcombe.



Also some quick knits; the Lucy hat in Malabrigo dk and a couple of made-up hats from bulky Lopi and left over Malabrigo dk.  New skills; short rows, wraps, blocking hats on balloons, and a pretty star-shaped decrease on the last hat.





Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief.  Easy.  Lovely colour.  Malabrigo I heart you.  Learned how stretchy wool can be.  Blocked on a towel on the landing.



Made-up long stripy scarf of foofy warm gorgeousness in Rowan Kidsilk Haze.  Love.  Working up the patience to do a whole jumper in this stuff.